Winter escapade

Flying with condors and seagulls


Place:    Rio de Janeiro - Sampaio Correia – Governador Valadares - Castelo

Feel like escaping European Winter to spend two weeks under the tropical sun of Brazil? This trip has everything you need to charge up your batteries and get you ready for the challenges of the comming season. Friendly people, delicious food, ice-cold caipirinhas, stunning views, sandy beaches, dip in the Atlantic Ocean, flying with mates, condors and seaguls, you name it!

Adventure starts in Rio de Janeiro, where we will meet you on the Airport (GIG). Depending on the weather we will either stay in Rio for 3 – 4 days right away, or come for a couple of days on our way back. We will be doing our best to make the epic flight to the statue of Cristo Redentor happen to you as well!

We offer you the unique opportunity to stay in one of Rio’s favelas, an experience you will never forget! Favela Vidigal is safe, has a cool atmosphere and a perfect location between Sao Conrado, where we will be flying, and the famous beaches of Leblon and Ipanema. We guarantee you proper guiding, safety and accomodation in a cosy hostel with a breathtaking view over the city!

We will however spend most of our time flying the amazing skies above Governador Valadares. This flying mecca for pilots from all over the world, here in Brazil is referred to as the Hawaii of free flying. Valadares has all a free-flier need to be happy really: consistent weather, nice & easy takeoff (with a toilet, shop, bar full of goodies and a friendly atmosphere), big fat thermals marked by friendly condors and topped with puffy cumulus clouds, landing field just a couple of minutes walk from our hotel and the city centre, plenty of options for safe landing on the XC route and helpful locals offering you a ride back to the city from wherever you land. And once you are back in the city (inhabited by over 300 thousand people – mostly women) there is plenty to do, plenty to see and plenty of people to meet. The only issue in Valadares is that there never seems to be enough time to sleep at night 😉  No wonder this site is constantly hosting many paragliding and hang gliding competitions, including couple of PWCs and World Air Games. In January 2017 the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal took take place in Valadares again with very intresting tasks and great weather.

In Valadares we typically stay in hotel Sao Salvador*** in air-conditioned rooms. The hotel is simple but clean and very well located just by the landing field. There are 2 or 3 individual beds and a bathroom in each of the rooms we have pre-booked. There are also single rooms with double beds or bigger appartments available for a small additional fee. For participants wishing to trade the perfect location for a bit more comfort we can offer accomodation in a different hotel as well.

Additionally we are planning to spend a couple of days flying in different well known paragliding spots like Baixo Guandu, Pancas or the cliffs near Prado.


  • 09.02.2019 - 23.02.2019
  • 24.02.2019 - 10.03.2019


1400 EUR

What is included:

  • transfer from/to the Airport
  • accomodation
  • breakfast
  • local SIM Card
  • unique T-shirt
  • waypoints and routes
  • meteo analysis and selection of the best place to fly
  • transport to take-off
  • extra lift to take-off if necessary
  • flight route planning
  • fly-guiding from our pilot flying together with you
  • analysis of each participants' flight
  • good company and plenty of fun :)

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We believe that due flight details, excellent infrastructure and super-friendly people you do not need organised retrieval during a part of this trip. In Governador Valadares we suggest that you return to the hotel on your own, which is really easy. We will be training group-flying, so most of the time we will be coming back as a group anyway. In Brazil coming back home after flying can be a fantastic adventure in itself. We will tell you all about it and of course we will be be at your disposal in case you need any assistance or prefer to be picked up at the end of the day. Regular retrievals from longer XC flights will be organised uppon your specific request. In other locations we will have a retrieval car with a driver available 24/7.