Paragliding tandem flights

Feel the joy and freedom that only flying can give you!



Don’t know how to fly yet? No worries, we’ll take you to the skies with us! We offer paraglider tandem flights for passengers wherever we are.

We use state-of-the-art equippment and have the neccessary qualifications. But the most important thing is we really enjoy sharing our passion with others.

From April to October we can take you to the skies in the south of Poland or Slovakia on every flyable day. We cooperate with the best local pilots so that we can support bigger groups as well. We fly both in the mountains (Beskid Wyspowy, Lendak, Żar Mountain, Skrzyczne Mountain) and in flatlands using winch towing.

If you are a paraglider pilot interested in improving your skills or understanding the peculiarities of a new site, then flying in a tandem together with a more experienced pilot might be a good option for you. We also teach pilots effective XC flying and acro basics.

To schedule your flight just fill in the form below. We’ll get back to you with all futrher details


80 - 120 EUR depending on location

What is included:

  • 10 - 120 minutes od flight depending on chosen option and place
  • insurance for pilot and passenger
  • preliminary briefing
  • state-of-the-art equippment
  • kaski dla pasażerów
  • start, niezapomniany lot i bezpieczne lądowanie
  • możliwość umówienia lotu w dogodnym terminie przez okres 1 roku
  • dobra zabawa i wspomnienia na całe życie

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We offer paragliding passenger flights during all our trips and activities throughout the year. If you do not hold a license but are willing to join us, or your flying partner, in the air during one of our trips, let us know!